Our Mission

ACAA is dedicated to the prevention of emotional, physical and sexual child abuse and promotes safe, healthy, well-functioning children, families and communities through preventive education and treatment.

How Did ACAA Start?

In the late 1980s, a group of people from East Central Alberta began talking about the significant number of child sexual abuse cases they were seeing the lack of services available to these victims. This ‘talking’ led to the formation of a community-based board representing all of East Central Alberta and a treatment service provided by professionally trained therapists. In 1997 a formal preventive education program was established, and the child sexual abuse scope was extended to include emotional and physical abuse.

What Services Are Provided?

ACAA provides preventive education programs and treatment services.


Guiding Principles

The Association’s preventive principles include:

• The health and well being of the child are the primary considerations in the development and delivery of preventive programs.
• Focus on children and their families ensure a long-term impact and eventual breaking of the destructive patterns of abuse and resulting trauma.
• Every child should have the opportunity to fulfill its full potential. The safety, health and development of some children are at risk.
• Preventive programs are a means of strengthening and supporting families recognizing that parents have the primary responsibility for the care and development of their children
• Early intervention is a cost effective, long-term approach to the prevention of abuse.
• Abuse is a societal issue. The child, family and community are part of the solution.
• A variety of preventive and treatment strategies must work together for the safety, health and development of children.
• Programming and preventive services should reflect the cultural diversity of rural communities.
• Collaboration with the community groups and agencies is essential in the planning and development of community based prevention services.

In addition, the Association holds the following principles on abuse and family violence:

• The Association acts from a belief that all forms of interpersonal abuse are harmful and exploitive, and should be exposed as such.
• Association members believe that interpersonal abuse is a misuse of strength, knowledge and power by an offender against a victim.
• Victims bear no responsibility for the abuse they have endured.
• Offenders must be held accountable for their actions. Accepting responsibility is essential to allow their own rehabilitation, as well as further enhancing the recovery of victims.
• When interpersonal abuse occurs in a family context, all family members and relationships are affected. The Association will offer appropriate individual, dyadic, family and group therapy services, if available, to all members.


Goals of the Organization

• To provide for the immediate and long-term assessment and treatment needs of current abuse victims and siblings, non-offending parents, and adult survivors of child abuse.
• To promote and protect the safety and will being of children by providing appropriate education for parents, professionals and the public.
• To reduce the long term impact of abuse and prevent or reduce the incidence rate of child abuse and family violence within the region.

Our Board of Directors

Chairperson: Lance Penny
Vice-Chairperson: Eileen Scheerschmidt
Secretary/Treasurer: Christel Shuckburgh
Toni Dorchester
Jane Nabigambo
Mandy Fuller
Rhonda Steinwand
Marian Ewing
Cora Bolt
John McShane
Korey Harrison





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