From Our Therapy Program

Following are some of the comments offered by our clients on the impact of therapy on their health and well being (from an independent evaluation completed in 1996):

• “On a personal level, the changes have been profound. It is difficult to put into words the changes that have taken place in my life, but I know that my life will never be the same (not as fearful or confusing as before).”

• “Four years ago, I spent over three months in a psychiatric facility, attempted suicide. Haven’t been hospitalized for two years. I think I’d have been dead (without therapy).”

• “Less visits to the doctor because I’m able to deal with the situation (past sexual abuse). Was run-down, sick. Mentally stressed, physically ill.”

• “Went to the doctor maybe once per week because he was the only local person available. Now don’t have to. Doing better. Was not functional. Had very frequent panic attacks. Emotionally a wreck.”

• I have gained much more control over my life.”



From Our Preventative Education Programs

What are the benefits of having the program in your school or child care centre?

“A great program that covers a lot of social skills that are lacking.”

“Every grade gets the same information. This was helpful by giving a consistent message.”

“Seems to have improved some behaviors and there is less tattling.”

“It has made me stop and think and use strategies from the program.”

“Students are more aware of feelings, differentiating between feelings and developing ways to control and calm oneself.”

“It is very helpful having an outside person tell them. The students have heard it so much from school personnel. The impact is greater when it’s a different person.